Spreading Fun Around the World!

Welcome to the home of Fun Flavored Fudge! We have worked very hard to bring you handmade, gourmet fudge to tantalize your taste buds!

Based on a child's desire, and a mothers vision, so became Fun Flavored Fudge! Kids say the funniest things, especially when my daughter asked me to make bubblegum flavored fudge. With a vision in my head and a determined daughter, I set out on my mission of how i could make bubblegum fudge.
Finally, my quest was complete, and my daughter liked it so much that I decided to start what is known a Fun Flavored Fudge.

Bella is my inspriation for the company! Whenever your kids tell you something, listen to them, and they may help you in something that you never thought you could do. Thank you, Bella.

Fun Flavored Fudge believes that we can all make a difference. Each year we donate a percentage of our profits to charity.

For additional information please,

contact us: customercare@funflavoredfudge.com





We offer over 160 flavors of handmade gourmet fudge!